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Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, BMW To Pay $553M To Owners Of Vehicles With Potentially Lethal Takata Airbags

Owners of Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and BMW vehicles affected by the massive shrapnel-shooting Takata airbag defect could soon receive compensation for past repairs and other economic losses, as the automakers agreed today to pay $553 million to compensate owners and create programs intended to repair defective airbags more quickly. [More]

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Why Is Subaru Telling Me To Keep People Out Of The Passenger Seat For The Next Year?

For the better part of two years, carmakers have been notifying owners of vehicle included in the massive shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags recall. Given the sheer volume of and airbags involved, it’s understandable that not all repairs can be done right away, but some drivers are finding out that they may not only have to wait a year for the fix, they shouldn’t have anyone else in the front seat with them during that time. [More]


Subaru Recalls 100K Vehicles Over Fire Concerns

One of the last things you might expect when driving your vehicle is for it to catch on fire. But that’s apparently a concern for more than 100,000 Subaru vehicles now under recall.  [More]


REI Tells Everyone To Go Play Outside On Black Friday Again

While other retailers debate whether they should open on Thanksgiving Day or not, last year outdoor gear co-op REI had a novel idea: it wouldn’t just keep its doors closed on the holiday, but it would close on the biggest shopping day of the year as well. That apparently worked out for them, and the retailer is doing the same again this year. [More]

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Bear Stuck Inside Subaru Rescued By Sheriff’s Deputies In Colorado

It’s still unclear how a medium-sized bear got inside a Colorado woman’s Subaru and locked the door, but it’s nice to know that said animal was rescued from his vehicular prison by helpful sheriff’s deputies who had the good sense to get the whole thing on camera. [More]

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Here’s Why You Won’t Find Aggressive Discounts On Subarus

Have you noticed that your local Subaru dealer probably doesn’t offer deep price cuts and entertaining promotions to get customers in the door. like the sellers of other automboile brands? That’s because Subaru has a problem that most businesses would love to have: people are buying their cars as quickly as they can make them. It means that dealers have to hope that customers won’t walk away and buy another brand when the model they want is out of stock. [More]

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Subaru Recalls 52K Legacy, Outback Vehicles, Tells Owners Not To Drive Them

If you own a newer model Subaru Outback or Legacy vehicle, the carmaker wants you to keep it in the garage after determining the steering can fail.  [More]

10 Things We Learned About Who Really Made Your Subaru

10 Things We Learned About Who Really Made Your Subaru

The carmaker Subaru is having a great decade so far: their sales have doubled in the United States and they’re having trouble keeping up with the demand. While that’s great news for Subaru, an in-depth investigation from Reuters shows that Subaru and its suppliers have turned to some questionable but legal labor practices to keep the Foresters coming down the line. [More]

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Consumer Reports: Nearly 1.5M Vehicles Have Higher-Than-Average Oil Consumption

When I first started driving, I remember being told to change my car’s oil every 3,000 miles. More than a dozen years later – and after several advancements in vehicle production – most cars can go 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles before they need a fresh dose of oil. But according to a new analysis from Consumer Reports, those mileage markers may be a bit too optimistic, as many new cars actually require additional oil between changes – and that’s not really acceptable. [More]

Subaru Recalls 72,000 Vehicles Because Automatic Braking Systems Are Supposed To Actually Help Drivers

Subaru Recalls 72,000 Vehicles Because Automatic Braking Systems Are Supposed To Actually Help Drivers

The ability to brake may be one of the most essential safety features of a vehicle. But part of that intricate system – specifically the automatic braking component – just isn’t working like it should for tens of thousands of newer Subaru vehicles. [More]

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West Coast Ports Contract Dispute Means Automakers Must Ship Parts By Plane

The ongoing labor dispute between dockworkers and shipping companies at ports on the West Coast of the United States is affecting more than just the availability of French fries in Japan and Venezuela. McDonald’s has resorted to shipping fries by air, and some auto manufacturers are going to start sending those cargo planes back from Japan filled with car parts. [More]

Subaru Recalls 660,000 Vehicles Because Being Able To Stop Is Necessary

Subaru Recalls 660,000 Vehicles Because Being Able To Stop Is Necessary

Some Subaru owners may be having a little deja vu today. The car company is recalling more than 660,000 vehicles, half of which were recalled for the same problem last year – a brake line issue that could make it difficult to stop. [More]

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Subaru Working On Canine Seat Belts Using Crash-Test Dummy Dogs

Rover McFuzzyBottoms III might like the feel of the wind in his fur as his tongue lolls out happily on a breezy car ride, but many pet advocates say it’s dangerous to have unrestrained pets in the car in the event of an accident. But it’s not like there are crash-test dummy dogs to test safety belts for pets… until now, that is. [More]

Self-starters can be a problem.

Subaru Recalling 47,000 Vehicles Because Cars Shouldn’t Start On Their Own

The super handy thing about having a remote starter for your car is pretty self-explanatory — you can start your vehicle from inside the house to warm it up on a cold day, or from wherever you are nearby instead of climbing in and turning it on. But that doesn’t mean cars should just start up on their own without you doing a thing, which is why Subaru is recalling about 47,000 vehicles. [More]

Woman Tries To Buy Car, Gets Flagged As Terrorist

Woman Tries To Buy Car, Gets Flagged As Terrorist

Back in 2005, a woman in Colorado went to buy a car at her local Subaru dealership. Little did she know she’d spend the next five years trying to convince people she was not a Colombian terrorist. [More]

Consumer Reports Picks Top Cars In 10 Categories

Consumer Reports Picks Top Cars In 10 Categories

In the April issue of Consumer Reports, they announce their top picks for vehicles in 10 separate categories, from Family Sedan to Green Car to Pickup Truck to Best Car Overall. This year, that title belongs to the Lexus LS 460L. [More]

Where Did The Cars Go? Manufacturers Are Confiscating Cars From Dealerships

Where Did The Cars Go? Manufacturers Are Confiscating Cars From Dealerships

Here’s a weird symptom of the disease that’s killing the auto industry — empty car dealerships, some of which are still open for business.

Top 9 Most Reliable Small USED Cars

Top 9 Most Reliable Small USED Cars

Consumer Reports’ annual car issue is here, and with the death-spiraling economy in mind, they’ve identified the most reliable used cars for all of you value-conscious consumers. Hey, there’s even an American car on the list!