If You Want To Work Out To A Video, Just Stay Home

Vikram has been pretty happy with his gym, Life Time Fitness. Until an employee caught him working out to a P90X video on his laptop. He was asked to stop. Vikram says that the first employee explained claimed that electronic devices were banned because they might have cameras–a weak argument when smartphones and camera-toting iPods rule the gym. A manager explained that it’s about “competing services.” Presumably the choices are: take a class or hire a trainer at the gym, or follow your workout video at home.

I have been a member of Life Time Fitness Gyms for about a year now. It is a pretty nice gym and I have never had any complaints. However, today I was working out doing a P90x-2 video on my laptop in the abs area. A gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and said I was not allowed to have a computer anywhere on the gym floor due to cameras. I explained that this is a really old laptop and doesn’t have a camera. At that point he said I couldn’t have any electronic devices in the gym and I need to take it up with the general manager.

I went and talked to the general manager and he told me I can’t have competing services and that is why it isn’t allowed. I asked why he was telling me one thing and the other guy was telling me something else. He didn’t bother to clarify and instead said too bad that I wouldn’t be allowed to do any P90x-2 videos at the gym. At that point I terminated my membership because they didn’t even try to work with me.

It’s like a “no outside food or drink” rule. No outside workouts. But is it fair?

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