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Xbox Fitness Users Ticked Off That Microsoft Is Rendering Purchased Content Unusable

If you’ve bought workout videos to use with Xbox Fitness, better get those squats and lunges in now: Microsoft announced it’ll be phasing out the app over the next year, ticking off customers who paid for content in the process. [More]

If You Want To Work Out To A Video, Just Stay Home

Vikram has been pretty happy with his gym, Life Time Fitness. Until an employee caught him working out to a P90X video on his laptop. He was asked to stop. Vikram says that the first employee explained claimed that electronic devices were banned because they might have cameras–a weak argument when smartphones and camera-toting iPods rule the gym. A manager explained that it’s about “competing services.” Presumably the choices are: take a class or hire a trainer at the gym, or follow your workout video at home. [More]