Guy Gets Locked In L.A. Fitness When It Closes For The Night… At 5 P.M.

While you might have certain expectations about when a business should and shouldn’t be open, it’s always good to double check those hours, lest you accidentally get stuck inside when everyone locks up and goes home for the day. One gymgoer learned that the hard way last week, when he was locked in an L.A. Fitness location at closing time — 5 p.m., when you might expect people to be getting off work and well, heading to the gym.

A Florida man posted a video on Facebook and YouTube (h/t Mashable) about his ordeal, where he came out of the sauna and found the lights off, the doors locked and no one inside the gym. It had apparently closed at 5 p.m.

“No one even checked the bathrooms to see if someone was in there,” he says. “I didn’t know it closes this early — what L.A. Fitness closes at 5 o’clock?”

He wrote on Facebook that he first called his mother, who wouldn’t stop laughing, so he hung up and called another L.A. Fitness. Workers there confirmed with management that he could simply walk out the exit without triggering an alarm, sparing him from a restless night trying to sleep on one of those oversized exercise balls.

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