Guy Gets Locked In L.A. Fitness When It Closes For The Night… At 5 P.M.

While you might have certain expectations about when a business should and shouldn’t be open, it’s always good to double check those hours, lest you accidentally get stuck inside when everyone locks up and goes home for the day. One gymgoer learned that the hard way last week, when he was locked in an L.A. Fitness location at closing time — 5 p.m., when you might expect people to be getting off work and well, heading to the gym. [More]

(Alan Rappa)

Uber Adding “Panic Button” To Mobile App In Chicago

A few weeks after announcing that Uber would implement a panic button feature in its app for users in India after allegations of rape against a driver there, the company now says it’ll be launching the safety feature in Chicago soon as well. [More]


Cruise Ship Passengers Help Rescue Three People Stranded At Sea

While one might hope that a cruise ship — or any other vessel nearby — would help people stranded at sea, that’s not always the case. Which makes it altogether refreshing and heart-warming that the captain of a luxury cruise ship listened to his passengers when they reported hearing cries for help in the water. [More]