Only 246 Fans Jilted At Last Year's Super Bowl Agree To Attend This Year's For Free

At last year’s Super Bowl in Dallas, 3,200 ticket-holding fans were denied the chance to take their seats because some seating was deemed unsafe. The league offered the displaced fans some make-good of options, including entry to this year’s game in Indianapolis. Only 246 of the bumped ticketholders took the NFL up on its deal to attend.

The Indianapolis Star theorizes that some fans who were offered to tickets to this or another future Super Bowl are holding out for a more attractive matchup and location. There’s also a the likelihood that some fans rejected the offer because they’re involved in a lawsuit over the fiasco.

Thankfully for the league and ticketholders, there doesn’t look to be much of a chance for a repeat of last year’s snafu. All 254 temporary seats added to Lucas Oil stadium have been given the thumbs-up by authorities.

Few displaced fans will attend this year’s Super Bowl free [Indianapolis Star via Pro Football Talk]

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