Get Your Barking Dog To Shut Up

Even otherwise well-trained dogs sometimes can’t control their urge to romp around your back yard and bark at everything that moves, annoying your neighbors and making you feel guilty. But with a soft, firm touch and dedication, you can probably get your pooch to pipe down.

The Humane Society offers these hints to help quiet your barking dog:

* Don’t yell. Shouting is basically the human version of barking, so it won’t teach your dog to stop doing the same. Speak calmly but forcefully when shushing your dog.

* Remove the motivation. If you keep your dog inside and he barks at everyone he sees out a window, keep the curtains closed or block your dog from that part of the house.

* Ignore him when he barks. If your dog is barking for attention, give him the opposite. If you come rushing to his side to scold him every time he barks, you’re only teaching him that barking brings companionship.

Those tips just scratch the surface. Check out the source link for more advice, and talk to your vet for more precise recommendations for your pet.

Barking: How to Get Your Dog to Quiet Down [Humane Society]

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