Kroger Now In The Business Of Filling Your Pets' Prescriptions

Tired of paying exorbitant prices to your vet to get those prescription pills, creams, eye and ear drops for your pets? The folks at Kroger hope you are, as they have just expanded the availability of pet medications to all the supermarket chain’s in-store pharmacies nationwide.

Making things even more appealing, Kroger is including a number of the pet meds in the same program that provides $4 generics for homo sapiens like you and me.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Target currently fills pet prescriptions in 670 of its pharmacies across 24 states, and a number of other chains will fill prescriptions if it’s a medication that both humans and their furry friends use. But Kroger now becomes one of the few stores to offer a full line of pet meds at all its pharmacies.

A Kroger rep tells the Chonicle that the move to offering pet medications is “a natural extension of what’s been going on in the industry.”

But since there will still be some doggie drugs and cat cures that are only available through your vet, the Kroger rep advises, “It’s wise for pet owners to ask their vet if they’re able to purchase the prescribed medication at a retail pharmacy.”

Four legs or two, same pharmacy []

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