Organic Milk Shortage Spreading West, Wreaking Havoc In Picky Homes Everywhere

East Coasters may have already seen their favorite organic milk brands disappearing from shelves, and now the shortage seems to be spreading to the West, as some shoppers in Colorado could see a price hike of around $1. But not everyone is ready to panic, including retailers that are closely monitoring the situation.

Rising costs of organic feed are to blame, as the farmers aren’t seeing a corresponding rise in price for their goods, says Boulder’s Daily Camera, but not all retailers are prepared to freak out.

“Right now, we have an adequate supply,” said Kelli McGannon, director of public affairs for King Soopers. “We are not anticipating a shortage at this time.”

“I think our consumer is buying the milk that is available,” said Laura Perkins, director of purchasing for Natural Grocers, which only sells organic milk products. “I’m hoping that we can keep prices consistent right now and get more producers so that they help meet supply and demand.”

Horizon Organic is seeing the most frequent shortages thus far, with some retailers reporting empty shelves after stock sells out.

While other natural grocers in the area were happy to discuss their dairy dilemmas or lack thereof, “Whole Foods officials declined to comment on their milk situation.” Well then!

Organic milk has risen in popularity as consumers have started to care more what ingredients are in their food. Even if parents don’t drink the organic stuff themselves, they are likely to give it to their children. According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2011 Organic Industry Survey, organic dairy now makes up 14.6% of the total organic food sales.

*Thanks to Scott for pointing out this impending “first-world crisis.”

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