Reasons To Eat Orange Peels Rather Than Trash Them

Orange-eaters who dismiss the peels in favor of the good stuff within are missing out on some considerable bonus health benefits. Peels may not taste as good as slices, but there are reasons to get tough and gobble them up rather than throw them away.

Livestrong identifies these benefits of orange peels:

* They might prevent cancer. Studies have suggested that flavonoids in the peel help prevent lung cancer, while polymethoxyflavones and liminoid may stop cancer of the lungs and other organs.

* They could help you quit smoking. Orange peel extract has been used as an ingredient in a gum that can help remove nicotine from the body. Also, perhaps if smokers force themselves to eat an orange peel after every cigarette they won’t find smoking as appealing, due to the nasty taste.

A list of the benefits of orange peels [Livestrong]

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