How To Clean And Maintain Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is attractive because it looks classy, doesn’t stain easily and becomes more distinguished as it gets used more. Leather’s durability, though, can make owners take it for granted and forget to clean and maintain it. offers a mini-owner’s manual for leather furniture, along with these recommendations:

* Vacuum first. Leather can get sticky when damp, so you’l need to remove any dust and loose debris to avoid rubbing it in.

* Wipe it down with cleaning solution. Mix a commercial cleaning product with hot water, then dip your rag and wipe down each surface. Rinse the rag in between surfaces to avoid spreading gunk around.

* Saddle up every few months. Four times a year, give the furniture a deep cleanse with a solution made with saddle soap, which hardware stores carry.

How to Clean a Leather Sofa []

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