Strapping Dressers, Bookshelves, Lamps, Cleaning Supplies, A TV, & A Bike To Your Minivan Will Probably Get You Pulled Over

Image courtesy of New Hampshire State Police

Just because you can arrange every item you own into a patchwork rooftop tower of furniture, household items, cleaning supplies, blankets, and bungee doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The best you can say about it is that your efforts will make for a good photo when the police pull you over.

In fact, the New Hampshire State Police did just that after pulling over the above minivan whose owners should probably be congratulated for their ingenuity, but still ticketed because they posed a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road.

There appear to be several large pieces of furniture in the mix — draped in towels and other fabric — like book shelves, dressers, and chairs; a flat screen TV box with other stuff shoved inside it; a broom or two, a rake, and a dolly — all topped off with a bike.

But wait, there’s more.

The stuff then spills down the back in a veritable waterfall of furniture, lamps, and cleaning supplies.

All of this amounts to a potentially unsafe driving situation, police note in their post.

“Driving with items attached/strapped to your vehicle can be extremely dangerous for you and those driving nearby,” police warn. “These objects can obstruct your view or even worse become unsecure and cause an accident.”

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