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New Hampshire State Police

Strapping Dressers, Bookshelves, Lamps, Cleaning Supplies, A TV, & A Bike To Your Minivan Will Probably Get You Pulled Over

Just because you can arrange every item you own into a patchwork rooftop tower of furniture, household items, cleaning supplies, blankets, and bungee doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The best you can say about it is that your efforts will make for a good photo when the police pull you over. [More]

Tricard Credit Card Shows Off Your Debt

Tricard Credit Card Shows Off Your Debt

The Tricard concept from Park Mi-na is based on a simple idea: It displays your available credit every time you take it out, so you can avoid overspending. Not surprisingly, the design has yet to be picked up by any actual banks, since they’d just as soon let you keep swiping that card until you’re close to the edge, and then bump up your credit line so you can keep racking up debt. [More]