Adidas Ships My Package To A Bar Instead Of My House & Expects Me To Be Okay With That

We’ve got to hand it to our reader Christopher — although he’s unemployed and says he spends his time filling out job applications, he’s got a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to the misadventures of his merchandise. In this case, it seems Adidas decided a delivered package means the job is done, no matter who it’s gone to.

Chris says he’s been doing most of his shopping online, as he’s trying to save money in his unemployment. He found some shoes for his wife for Christmas online at the Adidas store, and ponied up the extra cash for the express 2-3 day shipping on Dec. 19.

When the package didn’t arrive in the time slot it should’ve, Christopher figured maybe it was the busy holiday season, and verified his billing and shipping address with UPS and Adidas. That wasn’t the problem, as it turns out. Instead, both companies figured they had delivered the goods.

I assumed that I would receive my purchase, which is wrong of me, since it never arrived (note: January 9th now, still no shoes or reimbursement). So, after Christmas I was pretty mad and decided to call adidas and UPS to find out just what was going on, which led me to find out that some guy who works the front desk at a bar downtown has accepted my package and they had approval to ship the shoes there.

I still have no idea how they managed to ship the shoes to a bar, how it was okay for a guy at a front desk there to sign for it, and most of all, how it never shipped to the house that I have been stuck in and unemployed in since november of last year, but somehow, I figured I could get my package back.

Well, I’ve phoned, I’ve yelled, I’ve been sugary sweet, and I still don’t have the shoes, a reasonable explanation, or a refund for the shoes that I have never received. I know the place is a bar or restaurant and I may went there years ago, back in my clubbing days.

Christopher attached an email he received from Adidas customer service, which tells him that they were notified by UPS that he had picked up the sneakers at the aforementioned bar.

“As you can see, I was very happy to find out that I’ve been cloned and that my clone was nice enough to pick up my shoes for me, which I guess will be dropped off shortly,” says Christopher.

He tried calling Adidas again, and says they’ve informed him the incident is being investigated, and he should hear back within 14 days. And if not, they say, he should go ahead and call them again.

We hope his clone is at least enjoying those shoes.

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