Couple Takes Advantage Of UPS Laziness, Steals Over 100 Packages From Doorsteps

We’ve certainly written enough pieces over the years about how some UPS, FedEx and USPS carriers would rather fling your package somewhere in the vicinity of your house rather than knock and wait to see if you’re home. Now the police in Somerville, MA, say a couple took advantage of drivers’ willingness to leave packages out in the open by swooping in to steal the deliveries right off folks’ doorsteps.

After police in Somerville noticed an increase in the number of packages reported stolen, they figured it couldn’t be a coincidence.

“We had our plainclothes detectives and narcotics officers following UPS trucks and postal trucks around,” the Somerville police chief tells the Boston Herald.

Then they got a tip from their fellow officers in nearby Medford about a car that had been spotted “filled to the brim” with packages that were all stamped with different delivery addresses.

When police checked out the apartment of that car’s drivers, they found more than 100 packages that had been plucked from their final destinations.

The police chief tells the Herald that his officers had to take over a police academy classroom to store all the purloined packages because there wasn’t enough space in the evidence room.

Somerville police are currently photographing all the packages in the hopes of getting them out to recipients before Santa comes calling this weekend.

Police uncover load of gifts stolen before delivery [Boston Herald]

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