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  1. Don't Bother says:


    Sorry that everyone had to see that…. I just had to get that out of my system.

  2. sirwired says:

    Heh… and I have accounts with both NCSE FCU and PFCU. (PenFed is a really great CU, has bizarrely low auto loan rates, and anybody can join; if you don’t meet their “regular” criteria, you can just plunk down a $10 fee to join.)

  3. loggg says:

    The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. I might actually like Chase if they went the rest of the distance, and reduced the pay of upper management, stopped bribing our politicians, stopped stealing from the public with generous, interest free bailouts and huge tax loopholes, and stopped playing the stock market and wrecking the economy, and holding us all hostage by being Too Big To Fail.

  4. nishioka says:

    Confucius say, man who fart in church sit in own Pew.

  5. JakeChance says:

    Any link to the Chase 1 page doc? I’m interested in seeing it.

    • ParanoidGeek says:
      • LoadStar says:

        Hmm. The Chase form doesn’t look anything like the Pew model. Not just typographically, I realize that they’d need to conform to Chase brand identity, but in structure. It’s also not one page but three. Yes, much better than 100 pages of disclosure agreements, but still nowhere as clear as the prototype.

        • LoadStar says:

          Hmm. I guess as I look at it, the same items are generally in the same order, so I guess it’s pretty close. The fact that they split sections up from the Pew example threw me off.

        • AustinTXProgrammer says:

          There is more stuff. The 3rd page is almost entirely additional information, and also the most interesting for the financially savvy. Chase doesn’t seem to be able to handle foreign checks without an expensive collection process. Wells Fargo can deposit Canadian checks for $1.50.

          Also non check drafts are expensive at $25. My credit union handles them for $10.

  6. dush says:

    There’s still 100 pages of disclosures, they just only send you the first one now.
    Saves money on paper.

  7. mjd74 says:

    But will they make it easy to find on their web site? It’s nearly impossible to find this information now.

  8. ShreeThunderbird says:

    How large will the print be?

  9. DragonThermo says:

    The reason disclosure statements are so long is because of YOU! Yes YOU! Specifically you who file class action lawsuits because some bank didn’t tell, i.e., disclose, something to you. Every lawsuit adds more lines of text to the disclosure statements to cover ever eventuality.

    If YOU would stop looking for the tiniest of loopholes so as to sue the bank, they would not need to have 100 pages of legalese to cover their arses.