Business Travelers Much More Likely To Fly Economy Internationally

Business travelers are starting to give up their free mini bottles of booze and plush, wide seats in favor of lower prices, says a new report. The shift is especially evident in those flying in Europe, as the recent economic crisis has more choosing economy tickets over business class.

Reuters cites the International Air Transport Association, which says people flying for work made a shift to the cheaper seats, most likely because of the economic crisis hitting especially hard in European countries.

The number of first and business class passengers on international flights fell in October, in that it only rose 0.1 percent from last year, whereas in September it had grown by 6.7% compared to that same month the previous year.

Meanwhile, economy seats were up 4% compared to the previous year.

The signs are clear — as economic crisis hits around the globe, people are cutting back on luxuries and settling for coach. Hey, we’ve got free movies back here too!

More business travellers flying economy, IATA says [Reuters]

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