IRS Is Stuck With $153.3 Million It Wants To Give Away

The Internal Revenue Service has $153.3 million in tax refunds burning a hole in its pocket, but can’t find any takers. The agency says mailing address errors have rendered 99,123 refund checks undeliverable.

Reuters notes that the way to get around losing your tax refund in the mail abyss is to join the 78.4 million taxpayers who sign up for direct deposit when they file their tax returns. The method is more reliable than mail, if not foolproof. For instance, closing your account before the deposit comes through or filling out your information incorrectly can prevent you from getting your money in a timely manner.

If you suspect the IRS has got your money, its website lists several ways to make contact.

Undelivered tax refunds total $153.3 million: IRS [Reuters via Yahoo]

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