Ideas On Scraping Up Extra Cash For The Holidays

Money always seems to be tight when you need it the most during the holiday rush. You can try to cut costs, but you may need to scrounge up some extra cash to make ends meet.

Alpha Consumer suggests some ways to earn more funds in short order:

* Decide what you’d do for $5. The site Fiverr lets you hock wacky services, such as doing sketches or constructing personalized crafts, in exchange for $5.

* Sell stuff. Knock out two tasks at the same time by relieving yourself of stuff you don’t need anymore and making money by selling it at a garage sale or online. You may be able to donate stuff you can’t sell to charities, netting tax deductions.

* Become a photographer. Most photographers will tell you that persistence is at least as important as skill in creating great work. If you know people who are looking to take portraits or holding a social function, offer to shoot it for free and sell them the pictures if they like them.

Earn an Extra $500 for the Holidays [Alpha Consumer]

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