Update: Missing iPad Recovered By U.S. Airways Pilot

Readers might remember last week’s story of Kate, an iPad owner who left her tablet on a U.S. Airways plane after an early morning flight, and was told by an airline employee that she’d never see her iPad again. We love delivering good news — she’s getting it back because of a good Samaritan.

And not just any good Samaritan, the pilot of her flight himself reached out to Kate.

She writes:

Just a quick update with some amazing news: Someone found my iPad and is sending it back to me this weekend! I got a call from [redacted], US Airways pilot, who clearly didn’t trust the airline’s lost & found system, either, because rather than turning it in, he gave a quick look through it, found my contact information, and called me this morning to see about returning it. Take THAT, naysayers. Good Samaritans do exist. 🙂

Come on, let the warm and fuzzy feelings of the shared human experience wash over you, just this once.

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