Good Samaritan Notices Car Needs A Hubcap, Just Happens To Have One He Can Spare

While many of us have probably passed a car missing a part here and there, it’s very unlikely you just so happened to have the right piece to make the owner’s life a little bit easier and decided to it fix up on the spot. But that’s exactly what happened to the owner of a car with only three hubcaps who suddenly found his vehicle had a complete set.

Reddit user ThatGuyBeezy shared his story of a surprise car makeover, courtesy of a stranger who likened himself to a “sh*tty version” of Xzbit, a la Pimp My Ride, an MTV show popular in the early aughts. He says he found a note on his car after work, and that he’d lost his hubcap when he moved across the country.

The stranger left him a new hubcap, along with a letter explaining what happened:

“Yo Dawg,” the note reads. “I noticed your car only had 3 hubcaps. My car at one time also only had 3 hubcaps. I couldn’t find the same ones, so I bought a different set, but for some reason, saved the old ones. I feel like a shitty version of the rap guy who pimps rides. Enjoy the sweet hubcap playa.”

Signed, “The world’s most random good samaritan.”

Now that he’s been the beneficiary of such a random act of automotive kindness, he says he’s going to return the favor to someone else, someday — though likely not exactly the same way.

“Especially with everything in the news lately, this selfless act really made my day/week,” he writes. “I would have gladly bought it from the person, instead they went ahead and put the hubcap on my tire and just left the note. Time for me to pay it forward.”

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