Until You've Got It In Writing, You've Got Nothing

No matter how skilled a negotiator you are or how pleased you are with your results, you can’t expect an agreement to hold up unless you’ve got it in writing. This goes for job offers, sales agreements, financing and leases.

The Counting My Pennies writer wants to kick herself for nailing down favorable terms to get out of her apartment lease without getting an account manager to put the agreement in black and white. The mistake could cost her $7,500.

The problem seems to be that the manager built a rapport with her during the negotiation that led her to believe the matter was settled. She asked him to send him a letter spelling out what he agreed to, but he never went through with it and she forgot to follow up amid the chaos of moving. Maybe he was misleading her all along, or maybe he’s just forgetful, but in any case, she’s in a tough position. Now she’s involved in another round of negotiations, hoping to get at least part of the balance waived.

Get it in writing [Counting My Pennies]

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