Report: Some Canned Foods Have High Levels Of Suspected Carcinogen

According to anecdotal testing, countless diners will sit down tomorrow to a plate of turkey with a side of cancer risk. Research from the Breast Cancer Institute found that several common canned foods served on Thanksgiving have significant levels of BPA, a chemical connected to breast cancer.

The institute’s research found that a single serving of half the foods it tested contain enough BPA per serving to “show adverse health impacts in lab studies.” The research says that a meal consisting of canned green beans, gravy and pumpkin pie could lead to a “concerning chemical dose” of BPA.

We won’t single out any particular items here, because the testing levels of BPA varied in samples of the same products. The takeaway is that those who are paranoid of BPA levels should consider steering clear of canned foods.

Report: BPA in Thanksgiving Canned Food [Breast Cancer Fund]

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