Penguin Will March New Ebooks Out Of Library Lending Program

Readers used to loading up on free ebooks they download through their libraries will have fewer options available. Penguin announced it will keep its new ebooks off of the OverDrive lending program due to security concerns.

In a statement reported by The Digital Shift, Penguin explains the shift and insists its paper books will continue to show up at libraries:

Penguin has been a long-time supporter of libraries with both physical and digital editions of our books. We have always placed a high value on the role that libraries can play in connecting our authors with our readers. However, due to new concerns about the security of our digital editions, we find it necessary to delay the availability of our new titles in the digital format while we resolve these concerns with our business partners. Penguin’s aim is to always connect writers and readers, and with that goal in mind, we remain committed to working closely with our business partners and the library community to forge a distribution model that is secure and viable. In the meantime, we want to assure you that physical editions of our new titles will continue to be available in libraries everywhere.

OverDrive responded with an apology for what it describes as Penguin’s “abrupt change in terms” and says it’s working with Penguin to restore the publisher’s new books to the system.

Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New Ebook Titles [TheDigitalShift via Engadget]

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