Rebecca Black Friday Kohl's Ad Annoys Pretty Much Everyone

Congratulations to Kohl’s on their early entry in the 2012 Worst Ad in America contest. Their parody version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is just as grating as the original song, only with worse lyrics. Yes, it turns out that was possible.

Clever, Kohl’s. Take a song that everyone hated so much that they watched it on YouTube eight million times. Add a singer displaying classic “bad consumer” behavior–shoving an elderly woman, stealing merchandise out of a fellow shopper’s cart–and you have an ad so awful that people can’t stop talking about it. Well, complaining about it.

It’s unfortunate that the chain’s ad agency didn’t check with Consumerist readers first: the comments of this post generated some vastly superior parody lyrics. I liked this version from reader emax4:

Grab a riot stick and my full-charged tazer
Life insurance is paid up.. to… date
Gotta get goin’.. credit cards in hand – my hand

Should I go to KMart
Maybe off to Wal Mart
Gotta figure this out
Which one checks receipts?

Black Friday, Friday
Waitin’ in line Black Friday
Putting my life on the line for amazing deals – amazing deals
Black Friday Friday
Killing myself on Friday
Maybe I’ll get trampled over an amazing deal…

Gotta Go to Kohl’s on Black Friday! [YouTube]

Write A Black Friday Parody Of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

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