This One E-Mail Address Puts Fear In The Hearts Of Corporations

Perkstreet is an online bank that offers a 2-5% cash back debit card. This sounded pretty great to Carolyn, and she applied for an account. Only they wouldn’t issue her one, and refused to tell her why, even though they’re required to do so. What got their attention, and got Carolyn her shiny new debit card? Copying The Consumerist on an e-mail to them.

She writes:

I had forwarded you an e-mail a few days ago where PerkStreet had denied me an account without a specific reason as required under Federal Law, when they saw your e-mail address in the CC they forwarded my e-mail to management, called me within 24 hours, claimed that the report had pulled up a different person with the same name and that the reason for denial was moot as they now would be accepting my application and opening an account if I still want one.

Bottom line: The end result was I got the bank account I was wanting, and other then this mishap with getting my consumer report mixed with someone else’s, PerkStreet’s actual customer service is stellar as my Son In Law has an account with them and their bank practices are actually pretty awesome — no fees, plus earn perks (cashback) for using your debit card. Just wanted to give thanks for the fear that your blog instills in the hearts of corporations 🙂

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