Get Your Car Ready For Winter

The changing weather means a different set of challenges for your car. In order to do what you can to prevent yourself from getting stranded in the cold in the coming months, it makes sense to give your vehicle a once-over.

Financial Highway offers some do-it-yourself maintenance tips that will get your car ready for the cold:

* Check your tire inflation. Cold temperatures compress air, making it easier for tires to sag. Check the guidelines on the inside of your door to make sure they’ve got enough air to last.

* Change your wipers. The worst time to realize you need new wipers is during a winter rainstorm. Better to check your wipers and make sure they haven’t frayed so you can see out your window during difficult drives.

* Check your antifreeze level. A frozen engine could mean a frozen you. Use your manual to see how to make sure your antifreeze/coolant level is ample, or at least ask a mechanic to do it during your next oil change.

6 Winter Car Maintenance Tips to Save You Money [Financial Highway]

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