Can We Spoil Best Buy's Super Bowl Surprise Again This Year?

Last year, some suit at Best Buy tried to tantalize shoppers by saying that the company’s super-secret Super Bowl ad would revolutionize retailing. And with the help of some savvy Consumerist readers, we not only spoiled their surprise by revealing the details of its Buy Back program weeks ahead of time, we also rained on their parade by showing you could actually lose money on the deal. Now Best Buy is set to launch something new at the next Super Bowl and being equally cagey about the details.

“We think we have something interesting and new to say, and it’s going to be about a new thing we’re going to launch,” the retailer’s Chief Marketing Officer tells “If we weren’t launching it, we wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t know if we’re in every year, but we’re in because we think we have something really unique to say, and we want to do a really good job of executing it at retail.”

So here’s where the Consumerist hive mind swings into action, brainstorming ideas — from the ridiculous to the ridiculously awesome — about what this new launch might be. Have at it in the comments or e-mail us your thoughts at

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