Sony Clamps Down On Downloaded Games Sharing

Sony currently lets you store downloaded games on a total of five PS3s or PSPs, but it’s cutting back on those limits. Starting Nov. 18, you’ll only be able to store a game on two PS3s or two PSPs. Some games, such as PlayStation 1 classics and PSP Minis, are playable on both systems, and you can play those on two PS3s and two PSPs each.

According to PlayStation Blog, the old five-system limit applies to all old purchases.

To clarify, if you’re rocking a five-PS3 household — or, more likely, you and four friends have been splitting the cost to play the same games on your own systems — you’ll need to make other arrangements for future purchases. To streamline things, Sony promises to let you activate and de-activate systems by accessing your account from a PC.

Upcoming Change to PlayStation 3 and PSP Game Content on PlayStation Network [PlayStation Blog]

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