Walmart Gets 10 Million Reasons To Keep Aisles Clean

A delivery woman who slipped and fell at a Colorado Walmart will collect $10 million from the company, thanks to the state Supreme Court, which gave a thumbs-up to the majority of the settlement decided in a jury verdict. Before you go getting jealous of the victim, bear in mind that she underwent three spinal surgeries, couldn’t return to work and lost her truck.

The AP reports the woman’s lawyers say a grease-trapping device near the deli didn’t function properly, making the floor slippery with grease and ice.

A year ago, a jury awarded the victim $15 million, but Walmart appealed and asked for a new trial. The state supremes denied that request but did reduce the settlement to $10 million to stay in line with a state law that caps settlements on “non-economic damages.”

A company spokesman said Walmart disagrees with the court and the store is “continuing to focus on operating a safe shopping and working environment in all our stores.”

Court upholds jury verdict in $10M Wal-Mart case [AP, via The Denver Post via Newsvine]

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