Make Your Own Soy Milk At Home

Habitual drinkers of soy milk can save money and have fun getting to know what they’re ingesting on a more granular level by learning to make their soy milk themselves. It’s pretty easy, and besides soaking the beans, only takes a few minutes.

To make 3.5 to 5 cups of soy milk, all you need is 1 cup of dried soybeans, water, an 8 quart pot, a second pot, a colander, a fine mesh sieve, a potato masher, and some kind of pressing cloth. You soak the soy beans for at least hours, then grind them, cook them, and press the milk out in a two-stage process.

The soaking takes the longest, at least 8 hours. But after that, the whole actual physical operation of it should only run you about 15 minutes. For the detailed recipe and instructions, check out the video below, and this post on EatingRules.

HOW TO MAKE SOY MILK [Eating Rules via Lifehacker]

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