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Denise Krebs

Soy Butter Company Behind 12-State E. Coli Outbreak Goes Bankrupt

SoyNut Butter Co., the company behind contaminated soy butter that made at least 32 people sick with E. coli and triggered a nationwide recall has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, meaning it has no intention of sticking around. [More]

Connie Ma

FDA Shuts Down Source Of Contaminated Soy Butter That Sickened 26 Kids

Now that 29 people, 26 of whom are children, have been confirmed sick from E. coli in contaminated I.M. Healthy brand soy butter, at least we know which company actually made the recalled products. A Food and Drug Administration inspection of the facility earlier this month found insects, dirty and broken equipment, and general filth. [More]

Connie Ma

We Still Don’t Know Who Made The E. Coli-Contaminated Soynut Butter

So far, 16 people sick from E. coli have had their illnesses officially linked to recalled soy butter from the brand I.M. Healthy. Half of the infected have been hospitalized, and 14 of them are children. Yet there’s one piece of information about the recall hasn’t been made public: The company has not released the name of the contract manufacturer that made the products originally. [More]

Connie Ma

Soy Nut Butter Recalled For Possible E. Coli Contamination

Soy nut butter is an alternative to peanut butter for people who have allergies, or for schools and child care facilities that have been declared peanut-free zones due to students’ allergies. However, a product meant to keep people safe is endangering their lives in a different way, after 12 people, mostly children, became infected with E. coli from the nut butter. [More]