Jack The Cat Found After Two Months In JFK Airport

Image courtesy of Yaya!


Before the flight to his new home in California, Jack the cat escaped from his travel carrier and disappeared into John F. Kennedy Airport. The airline organized searches and put out food, and animal lovers all over the world helped in any way they could, from performing their own searches of the airport and nearby neighborhoods to getting word out to employees of nearby businesses and other airlines. We’re happy to report that Jack has been found. In two months, he apparently never left the airport.

American Airlines posted a statement to Facebook:

American Airlines is happy to announce that Jack the Cat has been found safe and well at JFK airport. American’s team of airport employees have been focused on the search effort since Jack escaped on August 25, 2011. Jack was found in the customs room and was immediately taken by team members to a local veterinarian. The vet has advised that Jack is doing well at present.

Jack’s identity was confirmed when a vet at the airport scanned his microchip. He is dehydrated and has lost some weight. American Airlines will fly him to California to be reunited with his family.

Update: Jack has died.

Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK [Facebook]

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