2 Months In, Searchers Still Seek Jack The Cat Lost At JFK

Two months after a cat named Jack got lost in the American Airlines baggage handling area at JFK, his owners and friends still continue to form search posses to try to look for him.

CBS reports that Jack the Cat first became lost after his kennel was stacked on top of another kennel by an American Airlines baggage handler and it fell, allowing him to escape.

Since then, fliers have been distributed, a Twitter account for the cat has been created, several search parties have formed and tried to look through JFK for the cat. American Airlines issued an amber pet alert for the cat, passed around photos of the cat to the other airlines at JFK, and enlisted a pet detective and Have-a-Heart humane traps to try to track him down.

Where’s Jack? Nearly Two Months Later, Cat Still Missing At Kennedy Airport [CBS New York]
Jack the Cat Has Been Lost at JFK for Over a Month; Cat Lovers Continue Awareness Efforts [New York Observer]

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