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A family says Delta Air Lines failed to secure the cage their cat was in during transport, leading the animal to escape.

Family Claims Delta Air Lines Lost Cat At San Diego Airport

Over the past several years, Delta Air Lines has been at the center of numerous tragic stories of regarding pet transports. Now, a family who was flying their cat on the airline from San Diego to Baltimore is hoping their tale of loss ends on a happy note. [More]

Rudy's family (center) and the Delta employee and pet detective who helped find the cat.

Hairless Cat Missing In Atlanta Airport Found Alive And Safe

We are delighted to share a story with a happy ending regarding a pet flying in cargo. Specifically, Rudy the hairless cat, who was shipped on Delta Airlines from Seattle to Florida to join his new family. Rudy escaped from his crate somewhere at Delta’s Atlanta hub on Thursday, and was found earlier today. [More]


American Airlines Charges Me To Carry On Dogs, Gives Me Nowhere To Put Them

Rebekah’s problem with American Airlines is very simple. She paid them extra for the privilege of bringing a pet on board. Two, actually: dogs small enough to fit under the seat. She ended up in a row with no seat in front of it and nowhere to stash her dogs, because animals don’t like the overhead bin. [More]

Cat Lost In JFK Airport On August 24 Still Missing, Internet Swarms In To Help

Cat Lost In JFK Airport On August 24 Still Missing, Internet Swarms In To Help

Have you seen Jack the cat? According to his Facebook page, he’s been on his own in Queens for more than four weeks now. He allegedly disappeared from his carrier in the baggage area of New York’s JFK airport on August 24th, as he, his feline brother, and their human were flying to their new home in California. Employees searched for him. Then Hurricane Irene happened. [More]

What's The Best Airline For Your Pet To Travel?

What's The Best Airline For Your Pet To Travel?

Sometimes you don’t have a choice–you have to fly with your pet. In memory of Paco, the dog Delta Airlines lost back in May, here’s’s updated list of the best airlines for traveling with kritters. All of the recommended carriers have changed from last year. Spoiler alert: Delta is not on it. [More]