Dr. Pepper Ten: Naming Soda After Number Of Calories Add Up At Larger Sizes

So “Ten” is Dr. Pepper’s new diet soda and it’s just for guys. But the small print with the calories on the side of the can seems puts the lie to the old trope that men are better at math…

The soda is called “Ten” because it has 10 calories. (All of which are “bold tasting,” by the way.) However, as tipster Eric points out, underneath that part on the label it says “per 8 fl oz.” Fair enough. But why then does the 20 fl oz size bottle say that it contains 20 calories? Wouldn’t that be 25 calories?

Dr. Pepper must be defining “bottle” as being a smaller size than the actual bottle the soda comes in and the claim is printed on, or there’s some funky FDA rounding regulations.

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