Learn How To Properly Kick Down A Door

In the movies, bashing down doors always looks so easy. But attempting the feat in real life, without the proper knowledge of how to do it, is a great way to wind up in the hospital.

Thanks to a 2008 post from the Art of Manliness dug up by Lifehacker during it’s devilishly entertaining Evil Week, now is the time to learn how to kick down doors so you’ll have the information at the ready if you need it.

Some pointers:

* Don’t waste your time on a door that opens toward you. If the door opens away from you, aim your kick at the weakest part — to the side of where the lock is mounted.

* Resist the urge to unleash a jump kick. You are not Chuck Norris. Stay on the ground and pound your heel into the weak spot, using forward momentum to drive your foot through. It could take several kicks to break through.

Although door-kicking does have its evil uses, it also has plenty of heroic applications, such as breaking in to burning buildings to rescue kitties. And be sure to hone your skills with mental, simulated practice rather than testing this technique out on an actual innocent door.

Learn How to Break Down a Door (Without Hurting Yourself) [Art of Manliness via Lifehacker]

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