Blockbuster Wants To Lure You Back With Unlimited In-Store Rental Plan

Hoping to scoop up some customers who have fled Netflix and Redbox due to recent price increases, Blockbuster has launched a monthly subscription plan that provides unlimited, one-at-a-time rentals of games and movies, plus an additional film by mail each month. The challenge is to find a Blockbuster that’s still open.

Home Media Magazine reports the plan, dubbed Blockbuster Movie Combo, costs $7.49 the first month, than $14.99 monthly afterward. Movie Combo will exist alongside movie and game rent-by-mail Blockbuster Total Access, which ranges from $9.99 to $19.99 a month.

With Warner Bros., and possibly other studios to follow, forcing Blockbuster to honor the 28-day dead period between movie releases and rentals, the selection on shelves could thin out. But the Dish Network-owned company wants to do what it can to get you in the store so it can pitch you satellite service.

Blockbuster Bows New In-store Subscription Plan [Home Media Magazine via High-Def Digest]