Facebook Invites You To Name A Few "Trusted Friends"

If you are hyper-paranoid about getting cut off from Facebook and want to allow members of your trusted inner circle to swoop in and help you out when you’re in need, you’re now covered. Facebook is testing a feature called “Trusted Friends” that lets contacts you choose retrieve access codes to pass along to you if you find yourself unable to log on.

In a Facebook Security blog post, the company describes the service, which lets you choose between three and five friends to come to your rescue in case you lose your password.

From the post:

It’s sort of similar to giving a house key to your friends when you go on vacation–pick the friends you most trust in case you need their help.

If you forgot your password and need to login but can’t access your email account, you can rely on your friends to help you get back in. We will send codes to the friends you have selected and they can pass along that information to you.

Those who have suffered problems after lending house keys to friends and loved ones — as well as everyone else — may want to think twice before trying this out.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Updates [Facebook Security via MSNBC]

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