Girl Scouts Add New "Good Credit" And "Finance" Badges

The Girl Scouts just finished their first redesign of their badges in 25 years, adding several new ones that will appeal to Consumerist readers.

There’s now a “Good Credit,” “Money Manager,” “Budgeting,” and a “Financing My Future” badge. But It’s not just the consumer credit side that’s getting represented, but also the other side of business. There’s a new “Customer Loyalty” badge in the cookie sequence, as well as Meet My Customers and Business Plan badge.

For an Ambassador level scout in the 11th or 12th grade to earn the “Good Credit” badge, for instance, one of the tasks to accomplish is meeting a loan officer at a bank to discuss how one becomes a good candidate for a loan and what are the duties of a responsible borrower. After they’ve learned about credit reports and credit scores, the girls must make a pledge as to how they will use credit in their life.

A Girl Scouts USA spokesperson told that the badges add up to a program of financial literacy education that schools aren’t providing.

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