3 Tips For Fighting Bullies

People are talking more about bullying these days. It can happen at school, in the workplace, or online. How do you combat it? Educator and author Natasha Deen offers these three tips.

Deen says:

As soon as you’re having words fired at you, strap on the Kevlar shield of “thought stopping.” Hear the words, then think of three reasons why they’re not true. And keep repeating them to yourself…

…A bully’s tactic is to isolate you, make you feel alone. By finding other people, you’ve already knocked out one of their weapons…

…If the [authority] you go to won’t do anything, find another one. The war is your mind, don’t let the bully win. Search out the authority figure that will hold the bully accountable.

When the battlefield is your brain, no one can make victimize you without some of your permission. Avoid getting locked into the roles that the bully fashions for the two of you. Seek ways to connect with others and route around the bully. Also remember that the first authority you go to might not do anything. They might be in cahoots with with bully to some degree or is themselves afraid of the bully. Muster the courage to call out the bad behavior in a public forum and watch as the bully withers under the klieg lights of truth.

natashadeen [Official Site]

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