A Cheaper Starbucks Latte: Order 2 Espresso Shots, Pour Own Milk

If you order lattes at Starbucks, here’s a way to get them to for less while still getting the same drink.

WXYC says what you can do is instead of ordering a latte, order two shots of espresso. Take it and walk over to the condiment bar. Pour in your own milk. Boom! You just made a latte, and it cost you less. Excellent work. You are a genius. You should probably order a chocolate chip cookie to reward yourself for your frugality… no! You’ve just undone all your hard savvy frugal work! Oh well.

This reminds me of the Ghetto Big Mac….

For more tips, like how ordering a grande but asking they pour it in a venti cup will often mean you end up with more coffee for your dollar, check out the other tips at WKYC.

Top 10 Ways 2 Save at Starbucks [WKYC] (Thanks to David!)

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