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Apple Now Accepting Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone Trade-Ins For Credit Toward iPhones

As predicted a few weeks ago, a new report says Apple is now going to accept smartphones and PCs from other manufacturers and give owners a discount on new iPhones. [More]

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Walmart Offers Gift Card Trade-In Program If You Don’t Mind Getting Less Than The Card Is Worth

Although consumers were warned several times this year that gift cards might not be the best option when buying something for their loved ones, some likely continued buying the plastic cards as gifts. If you found yourself on the receiving end of a not-so-wanted or needed gift card, you now have the option to trade it in for a Walmart gift card – and a couple of big catches. [More]

Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

Our global, interconnected economy is an amazing thing. Of course, it doesn’t seem so amazing right now to the person answering the phones at Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas. The business has had to remove the batteries from its cordless phones to stop the phones from “ringing off the hook” after a truck with its name emblazoned on the door ended up in the hands of an Islamic militant group in Syria. [More]

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Walmart Officially Begins Reselling All Those Video Games You Traded In For Groceries

Back in March Walmart launched a program that allows customers to trade in their used video games for store gift cards, you know to buy milk, bread, sweatpants. Now that the mega-retailer likely has a hefty stockpile of said used games it’s ready to resell them, completing its transformation into a bonafide video game reseller. [More]

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Cash4iPhones Provided Crappy Trade-In Offer For Samsung Galaxy Note, Too

Last week, we shared a reader’s story of trade-in woe from his experience trying to sell his old phone to the site The site also buys other electronics, like portable computers and mobile phones not made by Apple. Reader James reports that he received a very fair quote from the company, followed by an awful offer once the company had his phones in hand. [More]

GameStop Promises More Money For Trade-Ins… Just Not A Lot More

GameStop Promises More Money For Trade-Ins… Just Not A Lot More

GameStop’s much-maligned trade-in program is leveling up. Their new plan doesn’t do anything about fingerprints or ID collection, because those are legal issues, but it does do one big thing shoppers always like: players who trade in games will now get more money for them. [More]

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College Students Trade In Textbooks, Stuck Waiting For Cash

For college students, it’s a wonderful thing to find a store willing to pay more than a pittance to buy back the textbooks you’ve been pretending to read all semester. People who discovered the Boston-based site Valore Books were happy with the estimates they got for the value of their books, but less happy when their checks failed to show up. [More]

Where Can I Trade In My Old Electronics And Games For Fast Cash?

Where Can I Trade In My Old Electronics And Games For Fast Cash?

There are a lot of websites out there that are happy to take your electronics, games, music, and movies off your hands for a modest fee. You unload your stuff with a minimum of effort, and the buyer resells your old crap in volumes that regular consumers can hardly comprehend. Where’s the best place to unload your stuff, though? Does it really matter? [More]


Target’s $200 iPad Trade-In Deal A Victim Of Its Own Awesomeness

Last week, there was a great promotion at Target. Target Mobile locations always accept electronics trade-ins, but they offered a special deal in order to move some iPads. Customers could trade in any working iPad, dating back to the positively ancient iPad 1 from 2010, and get a minimum of $200 on a Target Mobile gift card. That’s a good deal, and it was very popular. [More]

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With New iPhone Looming, Walmart Announces Smartphone Trade-In Program

The folks at Apple will soon reveal a new iPhone, inevitably leaving some consumers looking at their current device while asking, “What did I ever see in you in the first place?” Walmart, however, still sees some value in that phone you don’t love anymore (especially in terms of its resale value on the secondary market — hubba hubba) and is willing to take it off your hands. But is it a good deal? [More]


Should I Trade In My Car Or Sell It Myself?

When buying a new car, should you trade your old one in or see how much you can get on the open market? The conventional wisdom is that you get more money on your own, but meeting with buyers and doing paperwork is a hassle you may not want to bother with. Also consider the tax advantages in some states if you trade in at the same dealer where you buy your new car. [Consumer Reports] [More]

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Website Allows Dealers To Bid On Your Trade-In, But Only The Site’s Owner Seems To Be Bidding

It’s not a bad idea for a website: Consumers looking to trade in their vehicles upload the details and allow multiple dealerships to place bids. But what if only one dealership is involved? [More]


Why Does GameStop Need My ID To Accept A Trade-In?

A lot of consumers are concerned — and not without reason — that their personal information is being passed around like bottle of cheap wine around a campfire. At the same time, it feels like more retailers are asking for this sort of information on everything from purchases to returns. [More]

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Ford Dealership Will Accept “Anything Breathing” As Trade-In This Black Friday

For people who have been looking to buy a new Ford but don’t want to trade in their current vehicle and have some livestock they wouldn’t mind parting with, a dealership in Laramie, WY, may be the place to visit this Black Friday. [More]

GameStop: You've Got One Week Left To Trade In GameCube Stuff

GameStop: You've Got One Week Left To Trade In GameCube Stuff

If you’ve got a stack of old GameCube games you’ve been waiting to unload at GameStop for a tiny bit of cash or in-store credit, you’d better take care of the transaction by the close of business Sunday. Starting a week from today, the monolithic game retailer will no longer accept games, accessories or systems from Nintendo’s obsolete console. [More]

FTC Goes After Car Dealers For Lying To Customers About Trade-Ins

FTC Goes After Car Dealers For Lying To Customers About Trade-Ins

Have you ever seen a car dealership ad that promises to pay off the loan balance of your trade-in, even if you owe more than the value of the trade-in? Well, the Federal Trade Commission has stopped a handful of dealers from continuing to deceive buyers with this too-good-to-be-true offer. [More]

Economy: Used Car Dealer Becomes Used Horse Dealer Too

Economy: Used Car Dealer Becomes Used Horse Dealer Too

With the economy in the dumps, used car dealers are having to get creative with the trade-ins. There’s long been used car dealers advertising they’ll take any trade that’s “push, pulled, or dragged.” One dealership is adding trots to that phrase, as they’re now accepting horses. [More]

Amazon Wants To Buy Your Abandoned Gadgets

Amazon Wants To Buy Your Abandoned Gadgets

Leaping into a crowded online electronic device trade-in field populated by the likes of Walmart, eBay and Best Buy, Amazon announced it’s expanding its own pawn shop-like program, which previously was restricted to DVDs, Blu-rays, video games and textbooks. [More]