Batman Costume Package Vs Reality

It’s not exactly the kind of crime the caped crusader would go after, but reader synimatik was a bit pissed when she opened her son’s Batman costume and found it didn’t match up with the image on the outside of the package.

Reader synimatik writes:

I recently ordered a costume from Amazon made by Rubies Costume Company. When I received it, it was very different than the packaging. I took 3 pictures of it. The “cape” in the picture is the length of the person wearing it/the entire costume, and wider. In reality, the “cape” it 1/3 of the length in the picture and hardly as wide as the costume. The utility belt is full of gold in the picture, however, in reality it’s hardly trimmed in it. It’s like they took a picture of a completely different costume than what they put in the packaging. There are other small differences as well.

My issue really isn’t with the costume itself, as my child loves it. My issue is with the shady selling practices of Rubies. I mean, do they think we won’t notice?

Perhaps they are sourcing the costumes from a different supplier now and it would be too expensive to change the packaging. In any event, your kid doesn’t care, he’s having a blast, and isn’t that what’s most important? If you really want to, you could probably write the company and they’ll send you a free Joker mask.

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