How To Have A 20-Minute Conversation With A Partner About Money

The lifestyle changes you need to get out of debt can seem overwhelming. They can seem impossible if you don’t feel your partner isn’t on board with your plan. That’s why it can be very helpful to set up a dedicated 20-minute conversation where the two of you discuss it so you can get them on your wagon of change. But you’ll want to set up the parameters and a few ground rules so that the two of you will get the most out of the talk.

Man Vs Debt recommends setting up the following boundaries for your 20-minute money chat in order to get the best results:

1. 100% Distraction Free – No screens are are allowed in a 10 foot radius. No televisions, cell phones, computers, etc… It’s only 20 minutes, you can do it.

2. Low stress and not tired – Ensure the conversation happens at a time that is low stress (unwind from work or business), but also when you aren’t tired (not right as you lay your head down at night).

3. Lead with WHY it’s important to you – Remember tip #3. Start the conversation with why it’s important to you and then LISTEN.

4. Never say “YOU” or “YOUR” – These two words are BANNED from the entire conversation. No exceptions.

Sometimes I find that it’s easier to talk if you go to a neutral territory like a coffee shop. A home space can be too fraught with reminders or triggers from the life that you’re trying to change, not to mention distractions.

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