Three Weeks Without Internet Access: No Hurry From Time Warner, And No Credits

In the six years she’s lived in her current apartment, Kate hasn’t had any major problems with Time Warner. Now Her Internet access has been out since the beginning of September, despite a modem replacement. They’re sort of giving her a whole decade’s worth of major problems all in one go. When Kate mentioned that she needs Internet access to look for jobs, one rep helpfully suggested that she change providers.

I’ve lived in my apartment for six years, which means I’ve paid Time Warner Cable thousands of dollars. We’ve had spot problems over the years with our service, but it’s always been addressed in a relatively timely manner.

Until our Internet went out on Sunday August 21st. My fiance spent an hour on the phone with reps getting it back up.

Then it went out again on Wednesday August 31st/Thursday September 1st. After a half an hour on the phone with reps. They said they could send someone out September 19th to replace the modem or I could go to the office and get a replacement myself. My fiance went to TWC and replaced the modem Thursday September 1st, taking a day off work.

We left for long weekend Friday September 2nd, when we came back Monday September 5th, the internet was down again. After another hour on the phone with reps they said nothing could be down and the soonest appointment time was September 22nd (18 days later, or 31 days since we first had a problem).

We asked to speak to managers, anyone, no one would do anything, when we asked to not be charged for the service we clearly weren’t getting, they said they couldn’t do that. When I told them that I’m unemployed and need the internet at home to look for a job, they suggested we switch providers. Yes Time Warner Cable said that they wouldn’t even put up with Time Warner Cable services.

So we called Verizon and we can’t get it in our area). So we were stuck wait another 18 days for TWC.

Here it is three weeks later, September 22nd, the appointment (that they called to confirm) was between 2-5pm. I was here, but they weren’t. At 5pm, I called. They said they have no record of the appointment. And offered a new date of Oct. 8th.

Will they show up? who knows, but those bills are sure coming on time.

. It’s not a pneumatic tube that sends a tech to your place right this second, but it’s something.

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