Dish Launches Blockbuster Movie Pass to Woo Forlorn Netflix Members

Still upset over Netflix’s separation of DVDs-by-mail from online streaming—and effectively charging more if you want the privilege of both services? Or maybe you would be fine with it if the DVD service hadn’t been inexplicably renamed Qwikster? Regardless, comeback kid of the year contender Blockbuster wants to welcome you with open arms—and a slight hitch.

Dish Network, the satellite TV service that bought bankrupt Blockbuster six months ago, unveiled Blockbuster Movie Pass today. Members will have bundled access to Blockbuster’s library of movies, TV shows, and games via mailed DVD discs as well as its catalog of online movies and TV shows.

While this essentially mirrors the combined DVD-and-streaming service that Netflix previously offered in one package, there is one small gotcha: Blockbuster Movie Pass, which rolls out on October 1, is available only if you sign up for a $40 per month Dish Network TV plan. Current Dish Network members can tack on the Blockbuster Movie Pass service for an additional $10 per month.

If you’re one of the millions of members planning to leave Netflix (despite CEO Reed Hastings’ recent apology), check out the other home entertainment options available to you.

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