TSA Fires 28 Agents Who Allegedly Did Not Do Jobs

In the slow but inevitable reaction to the scandal in which several Transportation Security Administration agents were accused of letting un-screened baggage make it on to flights, the agency fired 28 employees. Fifteen others connected to the alleged negligence — which is believed to have occurred over several months in Hawaii last year — were suspended. Three others left their jobs voluntarily.

CNN reports the TSA has finally completed the months-long adjudication process it announced in June. The fired workers will be able to appeal the decision.

The mass firing is believed to be the largest in the TSA’s history. Authorities believe morning shift workers neglected to screen thousands of baggage for explosives. The TSA must screen all checked bags before they make it to the cargo hold, and the agency says it’s fixed the problems at the airport.

TSA fires 28 over improper luggage screening at Honolulu airport [CNN]

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