TSA Agents Who Allegedly Failed To Screen Luggage Face Dismissal

Those Transportation Security Administration agents in Hawaii who allegedly let un-screened baggage through on flights will have to start looking for a new line of work.

KITV Honolulu reports 36 agents will be fired, and 12 more will be suspended, following a federal investigation of the matter, which is said to have spanned several months in 2010. The firing will be the TSA’s largest mass-termination of employees for misconduct.

A TSA spokesman said the move shows the agency will be vigilant to eliminate failure:

“The most important message is that we are going to hold our people accountable. If there is deviation from protocol, if something is brought into question that violates the public trust, we will hold our people accountable at the lowest and at the highest levels.”

TSA To Fire 36 HNL Workers, Suspend 12 [KITV Honolulu]

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