Ensenda Still Not Doing So Well With The 'Send' Part

Chad just signed up for Amazon Prime, and the only choice for shipping in his area was regional delivery service Ensenda. He happened to be home when the package was expected, and received a text message notification that his package had been delivered. Perhaps it had, but not to Chad’s house.

He posted on Amazon’s customer discussion forum:

I ordered something via Amazon Prime (just signed up yesterday!) and the only shipping option was Ensenda (I had never heard of them but figured they were a small courier or something). I signed up for text message tracking for the package on the Amazon Order Status page.

I got a text at 3:16PM alerting me that the package had been delivered at 3:04PM. This surprised me as I was home and pretty close to my front door and hadn’t heard a doorbell or even the screen door open. I went to check for the package and there was nothing there. I checked the back door and looked around the outside of the house. I peeked at my immediate neighbors front steps and saw no packages, so I decided I should call Ensenda so they could alert the driver before he left the area. I called their customer support line and after about 5 minutes got a rep. I gave her the tracking number and she put me on hold while she contacted the driver. While I was on hold I walked down the block and looked to see if any of my neighbors had packages on their front steps (I figured the driver got the wrong house #) I live in a very small suburb with virtually no crime so I highly doubt it was stolen in the 12 minutes between alleged delivery and the text notice (plus as I mentioned I was within hearing distance of the front door.)

10 minutes later the rep cam back and said the driver said he had no problem finding my address and left the package at the front door. I told her it absolutely wasn’t there and my neighbors didn’t appear to have it either. She said the driver had left the area on an urgent delivery but would drive back later and she would call me at that time to follow up. At this point there was nothing I could do about it and figured either the driver would miraculously show up with it later today or they’d call me and tell me it was lost/mis-delivered and would re-ship it, so I said thanks and hung up.

I googled Ensenda after I hung up and saw page after page of results detailing packages that were claimed to be delivered but never showed up, and many many items lost in transit. Most of them in the Chicago area, where I live.

After seeing all the complaints here I can’t believe that Amazon still uses this company. They are either utterly incompetent or they are defrauding Amazon and lying to those they deliver to. If this is what the Amazon Prime experience is like I’m canceling it. What a shame as I had heard such great things from friends in other cities.

Consumerist’s inbox and Amazon’s own customer forums indicate that Chad isn’t the only one missing Amazon packages that Ensenda claims to have delivered. Where are all of these packages going?

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